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Welcome to Day 20 of Janet and Randy's Kauai Adventure 2014

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

The overnight temperatures were cool enough that we actually had to close up the windows so it wouldn't be too cold in the bedroom.  It was still a little on the cool side when we woke up - but at least it wasn't as windy as the day before.

Randy went for a run, while I got breakfast ready.  When he got back, we quickly ate breakfast and then headed to the 9:00am owner's meeting here at the timeshare resort.  We hadn't been to a meeting in a couple of years, so wanted to find out what was going on.   It was an informative meeting, but then when the floor was opened to questions, we had some annoying people that were getting hung up on some very minor things.  One lady spent about 10 minutes just asking her question, and then had to get every little thing clarified before she was satisfied.  And she ended up asking multiple questions throughout the meeting.  Ugh.  But, finally all the questions were answered and we were out of the meeting at 10:00am.  Some people need detail, and some just don't understand how or why companies operate in the way they do.

Lunch on Larsen's BeachWe decided to head north to see if the weather was any better than yesterday.  We stopped at Kukui Grove mall in Lihue so that I could pay off my Macy's bill, and pick up some Benadryl cream to soothe all the mosquito bites Randy has been getting lately.  We continued north to Kapaa and stopped at the Pono Market to get some lunch to take with us to the beach.  We were waiting in line and discussing what we should get.  The lady in front of us started talking to us and was pointing out all sorts of things we could get.  She was so cute.  She was very motherly to us in wanting to try to help us out.  Love it.

We decided to get a Poke rice bowl and a pre-packaged container of inari sushi and chicken pieces.  We had brought our cooler with us, so we popped these in there to keep cool, and continued to Larsen's Beach.  By the time we walked down to the beach, I was actually hungry, so we brought out the food.  It was only then that we found out that they hadn't given us a Poke rice bowl - but just a container full of Poke.  Oh well - it was still tasty.  The inari and chicken pieces were really good as well.

It was sunny when we first got to the beach, but then some clouds blew over.  It would be sunny, then cloudy, then sunny again.  The air temperature was still quite cool when the sun wasn't out, so I would alternate between lying on the blanket, reading, with a sarong wrapped around me (when cloudy) and standing out on the beach next to the waves (when it was sunny - the water temperature was warmer than the air temp, so it felt really great to be in the water, but unfortunately you need to come out of the water at some point).  Around 3:00pm it was quite clouded over, so we called it a day and headed back to the resort.

We showered off, then picked up Randy's parents to go to Kintaro for supper.  We ordered a number of sushi rolls and proceeded to stuff our faces with good food.  We managed to finish off everything - but my stomach was hurting from eating too much.  After supper, we drove back to our resort - dropping off Randy's parents on the way.  We were full and sleepy - so just went to our unit and lay around groaning from eating too much.


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